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Vacation Travel with Pets

More pet owners than ever drive, fly or cruise with their pets. So, we'll share some of our expertise for the vacation travelers.

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Pet Moving Made Easy® App

Our new Air Animal app now available for Apple and Android mobile users and through our website. Request an estimate to receive your user name and password.

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New Pet Scam--Don't Be Fooled

Cyber criminals appeal to your soft side want you to use Western Union or Money Gram to pay for fictional pets. Now some scammers ask for their money in Amazon gift cards.

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The Standard Pet Move: Are You Kidding?

There is no such thing as a standard pet move. Every pet transport is tailored to the pet owner and the destination country.

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Airport Concierge Service

At Air Animal, we offer three service levels. For our airport concierge service, an Air Animal representative meets you at the airport to smooth the way when you tender your pet.

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