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Delta, Others Change Emotional Support Animal Rules

animal transportation,emotional support animals,pet shipping service,pet transportation,service animals February 5, 2018

Delta which carries 180 million passengers and about 250,000 service or emotional-support animals a year is implementing new rules for emotional-support animals. The new rules take effect Mar. 1, 2018. United has changed its rules, too.

Delta's policy 
United's policy

The airlines and passengers complain poorly training and uncertified support animals increasingly disrupt flights. The animals misbehave, wander the cabin, defecate and sometimes bite passengers.

On Delta, passengers must provide a veterinary health form or vaccination record for either both service and emotional support animals. For comfort animals and psychiatric-service animals, passengers must also provide:

  • A letter signed by a doctor or licensed mental-health professional stating the passenger’s need for the animal.
  • A signed letter stating the animal is trained to behave without a kennel.

“This new policy is our first step in better protecting those who fly with Delta with a more thoughtful screening process,” said John Laughter, Delta’s senior vice president for corporate safety, security and compliance.

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