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Safe and Sound - Air Animal Pet Movers is pleased to advise all parties of the return of its Orlando staff, Manager - Michelle Ramos and Admin Asst Ligia Gjoni from their temporary relocation to its Tampa offices post-Hurricane Irma. Air Animal Orlando is open for business as promised. Thank you Orlando Utilities and Spectrum.


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Are Pets Safe Flying Air Cargo?

international pet move,international pet shipping,international pet transport June 29, 2017

(Tampa, FL) --When a rabbit died after flying air cargo, Shannon Valladolid of WTSP-TV interviewed Cory Robinette, Air Animal operations director, about moving pets by air.

Moving pets is very safe because the area where pets fly is temperature controlled and pressurized. Cory, who is also on the board of directors at the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association, advised planning ahead at least six months if moving internationally and hiring a professional pet mover. She also advised avoiding extra exercise and extra food before flights.

Alfie, a male cavapoodle, relocated by air from Shanghai to London just last week. He's one laid back Londoner.

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