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Air Animal expanding to Orlando

international pet move,Orlando FL,pet move,pet moving service,pet shipping service,pet transportation August 1, 2016

Central Florida pet parents moving across the U.S. or around the world now have direct access through Air Animal Pet Movers near Orlando International Airport. Michelle Ramos, an Orlando native and graduate of UCF, manages the office.

Alvaro Nobrega de Oliveira moved his Yorkie, Hulk, from Orlando to Australia in April. The six-month process requires a 10-day quarantine. “We are finally reunited with Hulk, and he was super happy and excited to see us! Hulk was healthy…ate and went to the restroom normally all 10 days! I cannot thank you enough for all your patience from the beginning of the process all the way until the end, even with me involving all my friends, who are more like family to us, in the process. You still kept professional, responsive and absolutely kind to all of us,” he wrote.

Air Animal’s pet shippers easily move pets in and out of 168 countries. “We’ve done this more than 100,000 times over 40 years. We even move horses and geckos,” said Dr. Walter M. Woolf, veterinarian founder of the Tampa-based pet moving firm. The internationally recognized pet transporter moves a significant number of pets to the UK and other countries through Orlando using Lufthansa, Emirates and other carriers.

“With Brexit, pet owners returning to the UK or European Union may find their usual do-it-yourself pet move filled with new paperwork and requirements. We specialize in fixing DIY pet move snafus,” he said.

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